SQ Sumo2

  - Nike
Golf club features SQ Sumo hybrid geometry, Nike PowerBow weighting and variable cryo-steel face. Hybrid club delivers high MOI. SQ SUMO2 offers amazing accuracy in a workable player's club.
  streamwalker - 3/2/10
I carry the Nike sumo2 driver as well as the 4 thru 7 sumo2 hybrids. They were fitted for me and I love them. A little hard to chip and run with so I still carry a 7 iron. I also have the 8, 9, PW AND "A" irons (all Nike) as well as a Volkie I would never give up. My go to club is a 3 hybrid. The Nike takes some getting used to but the slice is gone and now Just a little hook is present. I wouldn't think of changing and am looking for the fairway woods to add to my bag.
  jmagbanu - 5/14/09
SICK Hybrid....
  Terpman - 10/9/08
Scary easy to hit. Nice high ball flight and soft landing.
  jedandrewjohnson - 7/3/14
  romero3111 - 8/30/13
  mathi01 - 5/30/13
  rhino3b - 5/28/13
  mbrown9 - 8/25/12
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