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Callaway Golf X Hybrids draft from Callaway's X Series drivers and fairway woods – incorporated with a Modified X-Sole design for versatility and superior turf interaction with proven Callaway Golf core technologies. The X Hybrid provides the ultimate in stainless steel hybrid performance with X Series styling and playability.
  joshnkt - 5/13/09
I have the 2h. I still haven't found a hybrid I like. I use it once every 3-5 rounds. I like it ok out of the rough. It goes about 10yds farther than my 3 iron but runs. Good luck trying to hold a green with this one.
  BK88 - 4/13/09
Makes 205 yd par 3's easily "doable". On par or birdies for a 25 handicapper! Thanks Callaway
  Scarlet Tuesday591 - 7/16/08
I rented a set of clubs while vacationing in Florida and this was the hybrid it gave me. I was very impressed with it. Sure it might cost you about 150$ for this club but hell, is it worth it. I tend to hook with this club the littlest bit however, but its maybe 5-10 yards to the left. This club can easily hit it 220+ (I am only 15 and hit it 220). It has a very low center of gravity and is easy to swing. I plan to purchase one of these for my own very soon.
  Pipeliner - 5/1/08
overall this is a good club. Im learning how to hit it better, the only prob that I have with it is in the 21* it doesnt have a soft landing,but it can range from 220 down to about 175 depending on the swing and if you choke down on it.
  bry3bry - 3/7/15
  jtiessen - 9/9/13
  bmcfarlane74 - 7/26/13
  kld001 - 5/31/13
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