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Designed for better and lower-handicap players, the MP-60 irons feature Mizuno's Grain-Flow forging technique and a "cut-muscle" cavity that is 4% larger and has a 10% larger sweet-spot when compared to its cut muscle counterpart, the MP-32.
  M.Nugent - 8/4/09
Great clubs for a lower/middle handicapper, great feel when you hit the ball, and can produce good spin, even with the 3 iron. One problem is they are about 5-8 yards shorter than my old cavity backs but probably just because im learning to use them.

UPDATE: After ~4 months of using them my distance is about back to where it was with my cavity backs, and I have hit a lot more shots withing 3 feet than I ever did with my cavity backs, although I could go without that terrible feeling you get when you hit it off the toe.
  mpass1068 - 9/29/14
  JaguarForrest - 9/2/14
  mbertram70 - 10/21/13
  fangdog44 - 8/28/13
  scozzy - 7/31/13
  frazier27 - 4/22/13
  crap152 - 4/8/13
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