Burner (2009)

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The Burner irons offer longer and more consistent distance in every iron with more distinct distance-gaps between long- and middle-irons. The long-, middle- and short-irons were separately engineered so you get long and forgiving long-irons, long and accurate middle-irons and accurate and responsive short-irons.
  dd71182 - 7/23/11
After becoming a fan of the Burner driver I assumed that the irons would be just a good. And I was right. The Burner irons were a lot more forgiving than my old set and picked up more distance on each club. I found that even if I "muffed" a shot off the heel or toe, that the ball may not go exactly where i wanted but it wouldn't fly insanely out of control. Even when I skull a shot I can still pick up some decent yardage out of the shot. Defiantly the best irons I have ever played
  aaronsaber - 11/15/09
I demoed these clubs and I absolutely loved them, although I am now getting the TP R9 irons. But these are solid clubs that really demolish the ball when you hit it clean. It added about 10 yeards to each of my irons when I played with them.
  Josh Turner - 4/26/09
By far the best irons ever made! I ordered these custom fit (1" over, 2 degrees upright, Project X 5.5 Shafts, GP Tour Velvets with 2 wraps of tape) and could not be happier. The ball flies of the face with a "squishy" feel. Longest Irons I've hit to date... Feels funny hitting a PW 145 yards! The Inverted Cone Technology is really cool and it really works. Balls hit on the center of the face scream and of center hits still work out. The long irons are easy to hit and the short irons are deadly. I'll never have another set of irons! The '09 Burners will be in my bag until I'm dead!
  BigMac599 - 11/18/15
  tmarc - 11/25/14
  AddyPutts - 6/2/14
  oobgolf_dmf - 5/9/14
  ppetsinis - 9/16/13
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