Diablo Edge

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Introduced in 2010, the Diablo Edge stainless steel irons feature a lower and deeper CG for a more accessible sweet spot, positioned in-line with where amateurs most commonly strike. Available in RH and LH in steel and graphite:

3-iron (19°) through 9-iron (40°), PW (44°), AW (49°), SW (54°), and LW (59°).

  grady3rd - 4/11/10
I am loving these irons! I reworked my bag this year, going with Adams A4 hybrids for the 3,4,5 irons. I wanted a set of irons that could keep up in terms of distance so as not to have a gap between the 5h and 6i. After a bit of hitting practice and a few rounds, I'm happy to report that the Diablo Edge 6 iron fits nicely just below the Adams 5 Hybrid. This set of irons hits super straight and super long. Even a bad miss way out on the toe provides a decent result. And you can work them a little left or right without too much effort. I just slide my right foot back a couple inches and rotate my grip to the right 1/4" and the shot will draw nicely. Return the foot to neutral and rotate the hands slightly to the left and there's a fade. Very nice.
  6 Iron Mike - 5/8/15
  irlmchan - 11/30/14
  tigeriamnot - 6/23/14
  rich_tanguy - 12/30/13
  coolmanhn - 7/28/13
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