Karsten Anser 2

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For golfers preferring the performance of a steel face with an insert feel, the PING Karsten Series of putters meets the criteria. An elastomer insert in the cavity provides enhanced feel while maintaining the solid response of a steel-faced putter. Weight savings from the new cavity shapes were redistributed to the perimeter to increase each putter's moment-of-inertia for added forgiveness. Multi-level alignment aids are designed into most models.
  someoneinsane - 6/21/13
I love this putter, found it in my grandmother's garage. It's strikes the ball so cleanly and so solid, I've made substantial birdie putts +20 feet where the speed was near perfection. It's a great putter.
  Bunker Brown - 9/3/15
  coolmanhn - 8/3/15
  SAMNANG - 5/19/14
  absolutely PARfect! - 3/22/14
  psteele - 9/27/13
  diostilio24 - 8/13/13
  XJared - 8/5/13
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