Rossa CGB Daytona 1

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Enhanced launch conditions in classically shaped blades and mallets Rossa's new Anti-skid Groove System Insert (AGSI) was designed to reduce backspin and increase forward roll. Its grooved face is made of Titallium (a seven-metal alloy 65% less dense than steel) and is scored with 12 CNC-milled grooves which are significantly narrower and closer together than standard iron or wedge grooves.
  Bradynel - 6/27/09
Good putter, great site line, wears well with age. Not the best roll off the club face when compared to some upper end putters but it holds up fine to similar competition.
  bkmagao - 6/5/14
  hipcheck18 - 7/11/13
  lvlong - 5/29/13
  rinehart7 - 1/10/13
  gregw - 6/21/12
  joshbaz12 - 6/18/12
  ajb9 - 6/11/12
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