Rossa Monza Spider

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The TaylorMade Golf Rossa Monza Spider Putter has more weight on the perimeter, which combined with the Spider's light and strong aluminum core boosts the M.O.I. for consistent distance on off-center hits. With two moveable weights, the user is able to change the head weight for a more customizeable feel and the AGSI + Titanium face insert promotes forwardspin for a smoother roll off the putter face, which increases directional and distance control.
  gcoulson - 3/18/12
I've tried Nike putters, and a number of Odyssey putters. None come close to this. This putter runs so true, ball comes off the face crisply and predictably. Alignment aids are very accurate. Much prefer them to the 2-ball putters. Honestly, this putter has shaved strokes off my rounds.
  DeepRough - 12/4/09
I love this putter on fast greens, does a nice job of preventing 'skid'. I have had this club for over a season now, and the agsi+ grooves are getting a little worn, and the 'alignment lines' on the top are starting to flake off. Kind of sucks.
  rjc_33 - 7/15/09
The jury is still out for me. The club seems to set up open faced and it has caused quite a few "pushes". Right now I'm still not draining the 8-10', but my lags seem to get me in the easy 2-putt range as evidenced by my stats coming down. I'll write more as I continue to learn how to use it.
  jraheb - 10/29/08
I was sceptical at first, given the shape and crazy design of this club. What I canGÇÖt get over is that IGÇÖve dramatically improved on my confidence on the green. If you ever had a problem with feel on the ball, this club will help you tremendously. There is a great deal of GÇ£connectionGÇ¥ with the ball on contact with superb sound and touch feedback on every putt. IGÇÖm more consistently hitting the correct distances, lines or both! I would definitely recommend this club to anyone out there that might be considering the Odyssey 2-Ball putter. It play much like the 2-Ball Steel, but, in my opinion, has much better weighting for a more consistent swing.
  dcn66 - 11/29/14
  Golfer82d - 6/8/13
  rmartin310 - 4/29/13
  croo85 - 4/21/13
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