White Hot #2

  - Odyssey
The soft insert on the White Hot is made of the same material as the cover of Callaway's Rule 35 golf ball, so it is very soft and responsive.
  M.Nugent - 9/18/09
The first time I used this putter I loved the feel but couldnt actually sink a putt because I wasnt able to get the speed and line correct for some reason. I cast it aside and used another putter for a few days then tried it again. I was hitting everything on the practice greens and it carried over into some rounds. I have hit a few 15+ footers in my last couple of rounds and drained almost all of the shaky 5-10 footers for birdie and par.
  Gschweikhard - 6/25/15
  mattyhat23 - 8/22/14
  bellmv99 - 6/25/13
  jdlittle20 - 6/5/13
  golfnut358 - 3/29/13
  matson13131 - 2/26/12
  kaprive - 11/18/11
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