White Hot Tour #1

  - Odyssey
Tour professionals have every element of their putters customised to their exacting references. The shape, insert, headweight and shaft merge flawlessly to fit their needs. Now, for the first time, every golfer can have a putter that features all those design elements. Each putter uses the new White Hot Tour insert that features a firmer feel for the feedback and responsiveness accomplished players seek.
  flyingfsck - 10/4/09
Very nice putter overall. As another reviewer stated this putter has a very soft insert. Makes even a Top-Flite feel like a Pro-V1. Headweight is 350g which is a little higher than what I'm used to in an Anser-style putter. Good for slow-medium fast greens IMHO.
  macmillanjc01 - 7/28/09
Very soft face incert. Line is very easy to lie up to the ball and the brake of the green.
  rmeinero - 2/17/15
  thePATMAN - 6/4/14
  redug - 7/28/13
  hkukla - 7/8/13
  MikeyGx - 5/7/13
  cpasterfield - 5/10/12
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