White Steel 2-Ball SRT

  - Odyssey
Odyssey's latest introduction of White Steel continues to push the envelope of insert technology. The White Steel 2-Ball utilizes a brand-new technology called Dual Insert Technology - a milled stainless steel insert suspended within the tour-proven White Hot insert.
  foundtherough - 8/22/11
Still my favorite putter in the odyssey line up. I try the new ones each year, but cant find one that swings more pure than this. Although I wish it came with a line on the head to help set up...I made my own with a sharpie and speed square.
  tedkendrick - 7/10/09
Fabulous putter. I played with the Sabertooth for about a year before switching over to this. Loved the sabertooth because it was easy to line up, but it looked like it was made by a Star Trek designer. 2-Ball SRT is just as easy to line up and I prefer the steel insert face over the white hot face of the Sabertooth. I'll play this club for many more years until I make nice with my Scotty Cameron Newport again.
  Araywhite - 10/12/16
  essendonbulldogs81 - 7/15/15
  dalton_peel - 7/9/15
  sjvtmv - 3/18/15
  mpbrown - 12/21/14
  sundevil89 - 6/22/14
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