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Tour Daytona Ghost

  - TaylorMade
The TaylorMade Tour Ghost has a golf ball-white finish that stands out against the green grass. There are three easy-to-see black alignment lines and a circular hole that creates a vivid secondary alignment aid. The Pure Roll Titallium Insert promotes forward spin and smooth roll and is a Tour-proven winner of multiple worldwide events. Patent-pending technology produces consistent shots that get the ball in the hole. This putter is the perfect club for your bag.
  BryanBall27 - 1/24/13
  rinehart7 - 1/10/13
  killahbee - 8/5/12
  matrsv1000 - 5/17/12
  Grace Jang - 5/11/12
  fdawgvt - 5/9/12
  tomm913 - 4/21/12
  711dct - 4/15/12
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