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G5I Craz-E

  - Ping
Introduced in 2005, the G5i series features a dual-durometer insert providing soft feel, including on lag putts. Sole cavities and thru holes allow expanded perimeter weighting, resulting in high moment-of-inertia. A blue, ball-sized alignment aid includes a contrasting center line.

Within the G5i line, this putter features is Ping's Craz-E mallet with a plumber's neck hosel and full-shaft offset.

  Jamho3 - 5/25/17
Absolutely fantastic putter. Straight and true. Good alignment aid, very consistent. Solid MOI, yet still maneuverable. My goto putter for at least 300 rounds of golf. Got mine refinished as I played it on aerated greens and got all beat up.
  Eddie Kim - 6/7/15
  S.T. KIM - 6/1/15
  Jim Jam 69 - 1/12/15
  dariolozano - 3/14/13
  jebohm88 - 12/31/12
  sacksyboy - 8/2/12
  matkovich - 6/5/12
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