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White Hot XG 2-Ball Lined

  - Odyssey
Multi-layer insert technology for the softest, most responsive putter we’ve ever created. The Odyssey White Hot XG utilizes a multi-layer insert for phenomenal performance with any golf ball. Inspired by high-performance, multi-layer golf ball technology, the White Hot XG insert takes two materials with different properties and combines them to take the level of feedback and feel to an all-new high.
  JennMac - 8/11/10
Someone tell my husband I really need this putter!!! It can't possibly be me that is missing all the 5 footers! Its my putter and I need a new one!!!
  fun2invest - 6/30/10
Great Putter! Has helped me with better feel and has helped improve my putting.
  xring18 - 8/17/09
I added 21 grams of weight on the inside of this putter. I took it out and putted better than I ever have. 29 putts total. 7 one putts. Nailed a 20 footer and a couple 8-10 footers. I absolutely love this putter. Way better than my Scotty Careron Kambi Long putter.
  David Yurik - 7/15/09
I would only change one thing. I would make it a little bit heavier. I don't see any putter changes for me here for awhile.
  bezbawl - 7/13/09
great putter love the feel off the face accurate and provides good rool with no bounce.
  joshnkt - 5/13/09
The one club I will never replace.
  sifuwk - 7/20/08
This putter has been the greatest addition to my game since I started playing golf. It is heavy and carries the ball with a light touch. Gives me the "feel" I have not had with other putters.
  sandkat - 3/14/15
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