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588 RTG

  - Cleveland
Classic larger head places more weight in the sole of the club for for increased playability and greater forgiveness. The head is unchromed, and designed to rust over time, to give the player a softer feel, more spin, and less glare.
  jwright712 - 2/21/10
A bit too much spin for me at times, but I still like the club. A classic wedge that looks good to the eye.
  IronHands - 1/14/10
Worst looking (due to rust/weathering) and best playing club in my bag. I am a classic power player with very little touch around the greens (hence the name). For the 1st(& 2nd & 3rd) time in my life I am able to spin the ball back on the greens. I don't try often, though. Much better is the one hop and stop performance this club gives you in spades.
  SGilfillan - 9/8/14
  junesakl12 - 7/25/14
  KPrime31 - 4/26/14
  jtrob72684 - 4/17/14
  gmsmith36 - 4/7/14
  WDM1980 - 3/6/14
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