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CG14 Chrome

  - Cleveland
The CG14 Chrome wedges feature a blend of performance, versatility, and forgiveness. The design integrates a "C"-shaped sole for better bunker performance and the slight offset promotes controlled flight on full shots, while the Gelback insert softens impact. The USGA 2010-compliant ZIP grooves provide strong ball-stopping ability.

Available in 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, and 60° lofts.

  weekendhack - 4/27/09
I've tried a lot of wedges, and these are the most consistent performer for me. Great on 3/4 and full shots, and pretty good around the greens. The orange badge on the back makes good shots feel great, and mediocre shots feel ok; you still get plenty of feedback though. The grooves are big, and take on a lot of debris, while imparting a fair amount of spin. I can usually stop a ball with no problem. I like the sole grind - it allows different types of pitches and chips from a variety of places, and is pretty easy to use from a variety of lies. Stock shaft is a little whippy at the tip, but isn't a bad offering. One thing: the black finish wears fairly quickly, so don't get too caught up in it. All in all, my favorite wedge.
  jawaiianstyle - 10/16/08
Looks like a Lambo and feels like slow churned butter that's been put into the microwave oven...mmm butter...
  ektran - 2/24/14
  Macx - 11/5/13
  macuis - 10/5/13
  etholen - 7/23/13
  CLCondit2002 - 5/27/13
  TheGasman - 5/17/13
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