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VR Forged

  - Nike
The aggressive High Rev grooves are designed and milled into the club head up to the allowable limit to produce maximum spin for increased control and shot placement.
  DawgDaddy - 4/5/13
Solid performers, I really have enjoyed using these wedges.
  drew1473 - 4/22/12
These Wedges are amazing! But they definitely tear the cover off the ball. The spin is amazing as well as the feel. I had been using Warrior custom golf, but the feel of these are head and shoulders above.
  legitimatebeef - 1/22/12
Very good wedges. Nice to look at, sets up nice. Good turf interaction and versatility. I haven't played too many wedges in my golf life so far but these have a pretty sweet feel when you hit the spot.
  Jsoeken - 4/28/09
I love the spin these wedges create with the grooves. But the only draw back on the deep cut sharp gooves is the golf balls get gouged real bad when play a soft spin ball. Pro V1 were not clean ball when round was over.
  magicmagician - 10/13/15
  golf8mike - 7/6/15
  tIcTaCs - 6/4/15
  The_Savage - 10/27/14
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