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  - Callaway
Designed with input straight from Tour players, these wedges provide better players with all the elements they demand from their scoring clubs. Constructed from soft 1020 carbon steel for incredible feel, the clubs also feature a tighter heel-toe radius that provides increased versatility from anywhere around the green.
  rmartin310 - 5/1/13
Some of the best wedges you will find anywhere, they look incredible feel great, and spin the ball like crazy!
  jow80 - 5/8/10
Incredibly durable. Maintains its mack daddy grooves for years
  canuckgolfer - 12/1/09
Great club. A real ball eater. Excellent out of the rough.
  drialo1 - 9/21/14
  Coolbreeze013 - 1/12/14
  Hiroshi Ono - 12/31/13
  2-Dogs - 11/21/13
  OzzDOA - 8/20/13
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