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OK. I'm a drver ho

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:44 pm    Post subject: OK. I'm a drver ho

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Total driver ho - I am one. No doubt.

I bought a driver, used, craigslist. Gamed her last nite and it did what it was supposed to!! Saints be praised for $75 (St. Mullligan, I think, is the patron of whackf*ck.)

GEEK Golf "Dot Com This" or DCT. A weird name for a great driver head. Won a ton of long drive competitions, but supposed to be good for us mortals too. Neutral head. 9 degree loft. Lively bugger.

Reg flex Accra T50 ("M3" in the parlance of ACCRA -- the spendy designer shaft in this thing) Same length 44.5" as my NVG and TE.

My NVG 10.5* with draw bias = stupid long but too hooky
My NVG2 10.5* with stiff, heavy, boardy shaft = fairly long but slices any bad swing way foul behind the 1B dugout
My Exotics 12* = a buddy may need this as a life preserver, he hits it better than me anyway

So, HO that I am, I went shoppin! Reg shaft so I can swing ernie els eassssssy and still get decent distance. Neutral face angle so i can VERK the ball or at least not 'ook. 9* to bring it down and get the roll-out.

Glad I got that off my chest.

Now my Cally Tour ix's may be a bit too low flyin for this low-low no-spin driver set-up. BUT, I love-love-love'em around the green. I see a buddy use the TM Black, which spins on wedges like fury, but is a little higher on the chart for drvr trajectory than the ix. Maybe I'll try one?

P.S. - DM said accurately that lessons might be btr n another driver, but WTF . . .
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