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Quail Hollow

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PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 7:55 pm    Post subject: Quail Hollow

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I'm going up for Friday afternoon.. if I see anything interesting I'll write back.

** edited post - got Quail Hollow confused with Wyndham, forget what happened where **

Joined: 25 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2012 9:38 pm    Post subject:

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Went after lunch. A couple quick notes on things I saw.

Watched Hunter Mahan work on the practice range with Sean Foley for a while. Sean had his cameras out and they were pretty into it. Wish I could have heard the conversation, looked like a full on golf lesson to me. He was bombing the driver, sweet swing. Smooth.

Also on the range Camilo Villegas who has a really smooth swing as well. They make it look so syrupy easy. Jason Day was hitting these 3 irons I guess they were that would have been the drive of my life if I could hit that with Driver, but he was just banging them out over and again like that.

On the course, aside from the driving which is impressive, the other thing that was sick was the flop shots. They open those lob wedges so far it looks like the club face is flat, and they are so precise with the distances it is amazing.

Funny moment: Robert Allenby was coming up 18 and was in the right rough where we were watching. He was setting up a cut to go around a tree branch. I missed exactly what his caddie asked but I think it was something like "what if it doesn't cut that far" perhaps, Allenby said "then I'll be other there with those people" referring to the gallery between the stands and the creek. Guess where his shot went. As he walked off, a spectator beside us said something about "ooh came close to hitting somebody" and Allenby replied "I hit people every day".

Also got to see Glover on 16 hit off the paved cart path, in his steel spikes, no practice swing, and flush a iron all golf ball. Unfortunately it missed the green and ended up one of the alternate tee boxes for 17.

Saw Gainey on 15 in the bunker, hit his first shot poorly, dinged off the top of the lip and roll back into the center of the trap. ouch. Then pops his next one out proud to a half foot tap in. He was really pissed off too.

I've seen a some of these players before but it was my first time seeing a couple guys here is first impressions:

Gainey - fastest transition/tempo by far
Day - longest mullet
Villegas - slowest transition/tempo
Bradley - most grumpy facial expressions
Na - longest putting pre-shot routine
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