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  Single Digits
Albany, NY
Last 20 Scores:
54% Fairway
248.62 Driving Distance
1.89 Putts
39.4% GIR
5.59 Score on Par 5s
3.67 Score on Par 3s
4.97 Score on Par 4s
39.6% GIR on Par 3s
33.9% GIR on Par 4s
52.1% GIR on Par 5s
This Year (2017):
0 Birdies
0 Pars
0 Bogies
0 Double Bogeys +
0 Hours Played
0 Dollars Spent
2 Eagles
223 scores entered
Recent Scores
6/13Turning Stone Casino Resort: Shenen81
6/11Turning Stone Casino Resort: Kaluhy98
9/20Orchard Crk GC: Orchard Crk83
8/22Normanside CC81
8/20Western Turnpike GC: White Crs42*
8/7Western Turnpike GC: Blue Crs42*
9/1Orchard Crk GC: Orchard Crk88
8/24Orchard Crk GC: Orchard Crk85
* only 9-holes played
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SingleDigits says:
Welcome to my page. My 2010 season goal is to maintain my GIR at 33% or better and improve my scramble % from 21.5% to 35% or more. Ideally for each 9 holes, 3 pars via GIR and 3 pars via scrambling, 33% and 50% respectively.
Mtatkin says:
It was a great course, and will be even more beautiful once the 2015 US Open shows up. I had no caddie cause im a poor college student, but I really feel like you did not need one. But I would get a push cart, cause its long, and a lot of tee's are up hill!!! If you can hit it straight like I was lucky enough to do that day, the holes wont seem to difficult. Everything around the green seems to slants down towards the hole, so balls you think might be wide right or left could end up right next to the pin. Those are the only thing that stick out in my head. Its a wonderful course and I cant wait to play it again. Have Fun!!!!!
etorsay says:
I see you got your Eagle... congratulations!