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  Bernie Dugan
Birmingham, AL
Last 20 Scores:
This Year (2017):
0 Dollars Spent
75.2% Playable Drive
46.5% Fairway
1.92 Putts
14.4% GIR
343 Sand Shots
708 Penalty Strokes
1 Eagles
74 Birdies
994 Pars
2,012 Bogies
2,499 Double Bogeys +
313 scores entered
Recent Scores
5/1Quail Crk Glf Resort90
3/16Indian River Preserve116
10/5Cherokee Ridge CC99
8/19Pines of Millbrook GC100
7/21Oak Mountain State Park GC98
6/16Dancing Rabbit GC: Oaks Crs95
5/26Big Spr Lake97
4/19La Cita CC102
* only 9-holes played
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coojofresh says:
Have you seen the Game Golf device? Awesome invention. www.gamegolf.com/home/en-us/?v=966bfa3
coojofresh says:
too hot to play lately?
Bryan K says:
I know Strukes has been extremely busy at work, and who knows what the weather will be like in Fargo this time of year. I know he is playing in a tournament on Saturday that was rained out a couple of weeks ago. I'm thinking he's given up on oobgolf rather than golf in general.
btiger917 says:
Good scores Bernie and it looks like u never miss a beat... I'm going from a fade to a draw.... But it's coming around.....Take care.
btiger917 says:
Bernie ure timeless... Keeping playing buddy....Peace
btiger917 says:
Hi Bernie thanks for the comment. Looks like you r scoring well... Keep up the good work....Bill
btiger917 says:
Thanks Bernie. I hope you have been doing well.... I see you still playing......Keep it up... I'm still working on stuff. My swing feels like it is coming back....Worked on a new 3 hybrid.... Man that thing is good....Smile
btiger917 says:
Hi Bernie looks like you are still doing your thing posting some good scores. I work at Park Ridge now and I love the people there. Keep it up buddy.....Peace
greendevil says:
Hey Werepuppie, I haven't been playing golf. I got into playing softball this summer.

I see you're still getting your weekly rounds in. Looks like some nice rounds in the 80s. Great job.
btiger917 says:
Hi Bernie looks like u had a great 88. Keep up the good work man....
btiger917 says:
Hi Bernie, even though we played best ball, the way they play at the school each person has to hole his own ball... But they play 4 best ball of 2... they take the 2 best balls and a hole and add the score together for the score on the hole....Kinda different but fun.... I just really helped my team on the front 9.....lol
btiger917 says:
Thanks bernie, its been a tough ride, but we try.... looks like u still doing your thing. and hitting them straight.... nice round.....
btiger917 says:
Great round Bernie.... How's everything.... let me know when I can call....
btiger917 says:
Hi Bernie, looks like u still keeping to your schedule... Keep em going straight buddy....Peace
btiger917 says:
Hi Bernie looks like you playing some golf..... I had a great day today..... Keep hitting em straight....Peace!!!!
coojofresh says:
I'm on the site quite often but I haven't played in months. I go to the range a lot more. I am going to play soon but with the influx of Canadians it is busy. I do come on to check your scores as the emails pop up.
btiger917 says:
hi Bernie, the stuff I've been telling you about my swing change... I knew I had a better game inside me than my scorecard was stating....But we must go by the scorecard.... I had a great day and missed a 6 ft birdie oppt. Take care may friend.
btiger917 says:
Thanks Bernie. Looks like you been posting some good scores of your own.... Peace
btiger917 says:
Thanks Bernie, out of all the misses its nice to get one once in a while.... Hows things going?
btiger917 says:
Hi Bernie, looks like u had a little fun today.... Good score too....Peace..... bill
Kcobb says:
wepuppie thanks for catching my input error..ive known some golfer to hit some great shots and told some great stores but to eagle 18 and have 3 putts is a miracle...lol
btiger917 says:
Hi Bernie, been meaning to call u. I'm going to golfing college at port st. lucie(Keiser College of Golf. I just finished my 2nd class and working on a new swing. Man, I finding all the things I didn't know... My number is 561-795-5950. I call u soon...Peace
Bryan K says:
Today, the high was 91 with a cool breeze. Perfect golfing weather. But I didn't get off work until 7:30. That's not even enough time for nine anymore. I know I can't golf Saturday. I'm hoping that I get off in time to put in nine tomorrow night, though I'm not counting on it.
Bryan K says:
It's been a really aweful summer. I got rained out at Oxbow on Monday. Plus, we've had a good half dozen days with the heat index in the 120's. Add to that a pulled muscle in my back, a three-day migraine that involved severe vertigo, and the fact that I've been working 70 hour weeks...just don't have time to golf, and it sucks. And I've been having to work outside a lot, too. Even when it's not that hot, after spending 8-10 hours in the sun, all I want to do is sit inside. This summer has absolutely sucked:(
Bryan K says:
It's been pretty busy lately. I just haven't had time to do my standard round-by-round notes, but I did to the one for today's round. I get to play Oxbow today, one of the more renowned country clubs in the area. Wish me luck.
Dennis K says:
Thanks for the note about my eagle. It was a short (452 yd) par 5. 260 yd drive, just off fairway, 190 yd 4 hybrid, and a 20 ft putt. Felt good.
Bryan K says:
Ya...I removed my last name because it seems a bit much. I like using my actual name on the internet, though, so I just went with the initial.
greendevil says:
Oh wow! Playing in below freezing temps; you are a hardcore golfer.

I'd say I'm much more of a fair weather golfer for sure. I won't even think about playing unless it's going to be in the 50's or 60's.
Werepuppie says:
Alabama is year round golf,but sometimes you have to be a little crazy.Check out my comments for the 1-4-10 round at Highland Park.
Werepuppie says:
Thnks redsfan.My scoring average is improving.I do not worry about my handicap though because there is a small amount of accidental fudging there.In an effort to make sure all scores counted I looked all over the web for slope ratings for some courses that did not have them on the card.Most sites listed 70/113 for those courses.Now I realize that this is a default rating for unrated courses like Whippoorwill.Next year I will either skip those courses or just list them as unrated.
greendevil says:
Congrats; scoring avg is now under 100; handicap is about to break 20. As well as you've been playing last 3 rounds, I bet your hcp gets below 20 very soon.

Since you live in Alabama, the weather is probably decent enough to play pretty much year round; isn't it?
Bryan K says:
Happy birthday, Werepuppie:)
btiger917 says:
Hi Bernie, NIce job on a good score... Keep up the good work. Bill