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Last 20 Scores:
31.7% Fairway
0.65 Putts
33.3% GIR
2 Aces
11 Eagles
408 Birdies
3,731 Pars
4,683 Bogies
1,967 Double Bogeys +
656 scores entered
Recent Scores
10/30Babe Zaharias GC74
8/24Scott Schreiner GC78
8/23Scott Schreiner GC79
8/6Babe Zaharias GC78
7/25Steamboat GC79
7/19Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort89
7/12Scott Schreiner GC86
7/1Henry Homberg GC83
* only 9-holes played
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mantajim says:
Thanks Merlin. The Senior Championship was THE highlight of the year.
Kickntrue says:
at least you are playing! I've played 2x since last November!
Werepuppie says:
Looks like you have updated your aircraft huh?
Bryan K says:
We're not in Texas yet. We're leaving Fargo on 1/29, and we hope to get to Lago Vista on 1/30 by 5:00. If you want to get together for a round, let me know. I'm going through golfnow.com to set up tee times, and there are four courses in particular that I'd like to check out.
mantajim says:
Hey Merlin, good to see you playing again. Looks like the 2 months off helped the game. Just let me know when you can come up to Tyler to play.
La Tigre says:
where in westchester you guys playing I used to live in Yonker new york what part you guys going to play? la tigre
DougE says:
I really appreciate the invitation to play in the Westchester area on the 19th, but unfortunately, I am in my crazy season at work (yacht repair and maintenance)and playing midweek during the day would be impossible. I play eves after work when I can get there before 5:30 or so. Also, I am quite aways from Westchester. Only thing I've ever played in that area is Westchester CC, in a tournement many years ago. Don't think it is public though. Thank you again for the invite to play. Hope you get out to play anyway.
msjoyner says:
We have a scramble to play in Saturday. I hope our score looks like that. Good Job!
desper24 says:
I will meet you and I will show you this isn't bs. Full handicap you name the course. Let's go!
Kickntrue says:
Like what? that would make an interesting post.

What people do when they decide not to golf.
Kickntrue says:
M2D- I have to give you credit for sticking to your guns. I didn't really think you could quit- but it looks like you've pulled it off. Thanks for continuing to come back to check in on us!
mschad says:
You totally missunderstood my comment on the First Swing Helps Amputee Golfers column.
Snyper says:
Broken finger in the beginning of the summer has had me pretty much sidelined. I've played a little, but nothing official. Sucks!
Kickntrue says:
Back in the saddle again! A little time off seems to have done the trick!
Banker85 says:
quitting???? how could you!!!
bducharm says:
Merlin - saw your post luckily. Near ABIA - well you could go to Wolfdancer - GREAT track out in Bastrop (opposite from Austin). Run by the Hyatt Lost Pines resort. Nice track...that's the nearest.
Pipeliner says:
hes around...havent talked to him in a couple weeks but i think hes still playing just not posting scores as much
Birdie King says:
are not or. lol
adidag says:
nope, i've never played in any of the dogfights
adidag says:
MrUmp1 created the group. Basically its a group for SE Texas Golfers who wants to post their scores and maybe setup some games.
MrUmp1 says:
473 scores entered WOW take me 10 years to play that many rounds lol
Mookie says:
Whoa Provo, not Utah! Did you play with Turks or with Caicos?
cjgiant says:
Saw your comment; how about when you have a day like I had today, 44 front, 38 back? How can you be on one day or hole, and off the next? Great game, isn't it.
ToddRobb says:
merlin, What's up with the notes on your rounds?? Let's here a little about what happened out there.
PWell says:
yep, it's those damn expectations
Mookie says:
That's rough. My rule of thumb on plumbing is that it takes three trips to the hardware for each repair: One to buy the stuff you think you need, a second to buy the stuff it turns out you really need, and the third to replace the stuff you bought but broke trying to install.
PWell says:
thanks, did you look at my scorecard...that will answer your question
TaylorFade says:
How's it going? I have been playing i just haven't been posting my scores like I usually do for some reason. I am so glad the weather is starting to warm up so I don't have to hit 5-iron from 130yds anymore. But, like I always say, if you struggle through the winter, it'll make you batter golfer come summer. Score are finally starting to come down now.
Mookie says:
Yah, I hate plumbing, too. Every job seems to take all day, nad at least two trips to the hardware shop.
this week.
Mookie says:
Hey Merlin! What happened on the 12th? Rain? Or didja hafta work? Man you sure get a lot of rounds in.
Howzit says:
Nice shooting in your scramble yesterday, Tex! Now....let's see that score for a standard round! :)
Jake Bogardus says:
haha ya right man here in NY it gusts up to at least 95. And my course is located in a tornado zone so I commonly have to battle the 150 mph swirling winds of those beasts. Its tough up here I tell ya
Mookie says:
Actuallt, I'm in Tampa today, with a 1:30 tee time with my father-in-law at his club, Buckhorn. I'll post how it goes.
Mookie says:
Man, I'm jealous. You are getting some rounds in down there in Texas.
Kickntrue says:
M2D- love the new plate! I'm surprised the let you get by with "Ho" anything. Awesome though! As few people as actually hit hole in one's, it's awesome that yours came with a prize!
acperry65 says:
those 80's are pretty impressive, spring time you should be at par or better.
smepple says:
thanks - I agree with your comments that total distance divided by number of putts is a pretty effective and simple measure. I see that you have started tracking it - let me know hot it goes.
mantajim says:
Hey Merlin, intense is only the tip of the iceberg, but I guess that's what you do if you can't get out much.
acperry65 says:
have a great thanksgiving M2D
acperry65 says:
couple of 70's and a couple 80's nice job.thats gonna beat up that handicap fer sure
TaylorFade says:
Whoa! 78? Sweet round.

96.4% of your fairways, over 50% of greens and an 85.4 scoring average. I don't get it. I know your short game is better than mine. What gives?
iluv5pam says:
yeah, that 68 would have been sweet on a par 72 course, LoL. sun has been going down earlier and get off work at 3:30pm, so i have to hit up the courses lit up at night.
Pro Golfer 1234 says:
woods 2000 ha
Kickntrue says:
I saw that 67 and freaked too! haha- nice scramble round still.
iluv5pam says:
i'm envious of how you can play golf every single day =/
iluv5pam says:
man merlin, i almost pooped my pants when i saw that 67. then i realized it was scramble =(
iluv5pam says:
agreed dug. how does he do it that?
dug says:
thanks man...I need to learn your tricks for hitting the fairways!!!..90% is insane
TaylorFade says:
Merlin, what's your schedule look like Thursday? Wanna play in Lafayette or Lake Charles? Email me TaylorFade@gmail.com or post a message.
Snyper says:
Thanks for the effort m2d! UPS is being a little crazy considering it is one cigar! Give me a break!
TaylorFade says:
You are on for the fastest round bet. I have a course that's comparable to yours. I will play it Monday. I love beer...
hogan72 says:
just part of my power fade...
TaylorFade says:
How did I know you were gonna correct me on the dimples on jets thing?

3 hour layover in BR., huh? You should have called. You were 10 min. from my house and 5 from our home course. We could at least hit the bar.
DavidS says:
Hey Guy...great driving stats...looks like you get to alot of courses, which is great...keep up the good scores
scottmschoen says:
Well, we only got out once. Played Pok ta Pok and like most reviews was not impressed, although the back 9 was in much better shape than the front. We were going to play the Hilton but rain prevented that. Oh well, next time!
Mashie Niblick says:
Yes Sir, Vernon Drummond is my Uncle a great man and a good player.
golfpro926 says:
I really enjoyed playing Prairie Landing! You've played all over the place...I want your job! How do you do it?
Pipeliner says:
Beaver sounds good or Copper Mill. It depends on the time frame as to where we play. Pelican Point or The Island are options too. Merlin you can look at the courses online and pick, we are pretty much open to play anywhere.
TaylorFade says:
My favorite course is probably Beaver Creek. It isn't the best course in the area, but it's the best value, I think.
Or maybe LSU or the Island. What do you think, Mike?
Pipeliner says:
Yes I do know him. he is the one that turned me on to oobgolf.
TaylorFade says:
You might be the only person this whole site that plays more than I do. I may never catch you, but I am gonna give it hell trying.
scottmschoen says:
Will do. We will be there Memorial Day through the following Sunday. I would like to get at least 2 rounds in(wives will be there too).
scottmschoen says:
Thanks for the Mexico update!

chipotle mg says:

can you update your equipment!? i want to see what clubs you use! thanks
scottmschoen says:
I'm heading to Cancun at the end of May with some buddies...my resort has free play at Club de Golf Cancun at Pok-ta-Pok, but I keep reading that it is bad. I'm a little spoiled by beautiful SE Florida courses, any suggestions? Thanks, Scott
Pipeliner says:
merlin if your ever in the Baton Rouge area to play some golf let me know. We can arrange an oobgolf round at a local course. I play with about six members.
treycool04 says:
I did get back out today and played two rounds with a 9 year old who handed it to me. He shot 81, 84 and wasn't even putting good at all. I shot 99, and 93 and played utterly terrible check my scorecards. Rare green or fairway. I became very good at scrambling for bogie lately though.
chipotle mg says:
are you jealous of my syntax?
D.Lee says:
Nice! Hope you had a great time. I'll definitely need to go back and load up on the Hilo Muni course!
D.Lee says:
Hey, thanks for the email. Sorry it's taken so long to respond. What part of Hawaii are you visiting? Kona is on the west side of the island and Hilo is the east. I only had a chance to play 1 course in Kona. It was a resort course. The rest of the time, I spent on the Kohala coast (north). Played 4 courses on 2 resorts. All were very nice with slightly different features. The most beautiful, and still my favorite is Mauna Kea King's course. Have a great trip!
Kickntrue says:
We added a new stat that shows how many miles you've played. You have a very impressive number!
Kickntrue says:
M2D- We added additional controls to the leaderboard that lets you now source by scores entered. It doesn't eliminate the clowns- but you can at least narrow it down and get rid of some of the jokers.
jonbarlan says:
like amccall says, play the waikoloa courses. kona country club is nice, you're playing at sea level. makalei golf course takes you up into the mountains.
amccall says:
Big Island...not a lot of experience playing over there, but both of the Waikaloa courses are great: Beach Course is the more scenic one, with a phenominal 12th hole; the King's course is a nice and challenging links course. www.waikoloabeachresort.com/golf.php. Good luck!
fmeeks says:
how are u not shooting in the 70's work on ur putting
bugolfer71 says:
Thanks for the nice comment Merlin.
falcon50driver says:
I feel like I should be scoring better too. Maybe it's the putting.
DeepRough says:
92% driving...40% GIR, you should be shooting in the 70s all the time! nice stats merlin!
jdaly says:
Your fairway hits are insane! Very nice, keep it up!
Kickntrue says:
Welcome back
ironmaster15213 says:
Way to go with that 84, looks like midseason form :-)
Richard E Hance says:
Man look at that driving accuracy! Awesome.
ironmaster15213 says:
Happy new year to you and thank you for your kind words. Keep up the fine golfing, I'd love to have an accuracy rating of 90%. Fellow golf lover Frank