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  Oxford, CT
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92% Playable Drive
68.3% Fairway
0 Driving Distance
32.6% GIR
88% GIR+1
37.3% GIR on Par 3s
29.8% GIR on Par 4s
34.5% GIR on Par 5s
This Year (2017):
549 scores entered
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12/27GC at Oxford Greens85
12/17GC at Oxford Greens84
12/16Grassy Hill CC80
12/14Woodbridge CC84
12/13Grassy Hill CC82
12/7GC at Oxford Greens84
12/6Grassy Hill CC84
12/5GC at Oxford Greens85
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CeeBee says:
I guarantee you are subconsciously favoring the injury.
DougE says:
Through June and still have problems with left side sport hernia area. Lots of discomfort at work, though don't know if it is as bad playing golf. However, I notice after 4 or 5 drives, I sometimes start to notice it. After playing 2 or 3 days in a row, it is quite sore. I have also noticed that sometimes when it is bothering me, I swing through drives and let my left foot go so I can turn further, ending up with both feet almost square to the target line, rather than still perpendicular to the line. Almost like a little jump turn to the left. I wonder if this is due to my subconscious protecting the hernia area. The result doesn't seem to be too affected by the move as long as my path into the ball is decent.

All I know is I am not playing well this year so far, with the exception of a good day here or there. Haven't even sniffed the 70s once yet this year. Distance is less, though do catch a good one every now and then. Just not as consistently as the past few years. Rethinking shaft in driver.
DougE says:
Sport hernia surgery done on 12/31. Seem to be healing nicely, though still some discomfort. Start PT this week to strengthen the area. Been walking for 1/2 hour most days, per Dr's instructions. Start stair master, et al this week too.

Back injury seems pretty good now, but will be very aware of it going forward. Starting golf-yoga later this week with hopes of increasing flexibility going forward, with less chance of injury. That's the plan anyway.

Florida trip next month. 6 or 7 days of golf planned. Just hoping my body will be ready and my swing will not be lost in oblivion somewhere. Haven't been out there since the back injury occurred about three months ago. Longest layoff since shoulder surgery two years ago. Ought to be interesting in FL.
DougE says:
After 7 weeks, still no marked improvement in torn back muscle/tendon/ligament/cartilage/whatever the hell it is. Starting to get worried about next season. Plus, sports hernia surgery planned for 12/31. At this pace I'll be healed from the surgery before the back injury gets better. Florida/February golf plans look very questionable at this point.
DougE says:
Thanks John. Thought I might try to play yesterday. Hit 3 or 4 balls on the range and the pain came right back. Hit a few more and realized I was likely exacerbating the problem, hence making any chance for a short recovery period going forward, less likely. So, packed up the clubs and went to the clubhouse to hangout while the rest of my regular foursome played on a beautiful day in November. Near 60 degrees and bright sun. This is killing me. I guess I am done for 2013. Certainly hadn't expected it to end this way.
jfurr says:
Good luck on your appt next week, Doug. Sucks this happened to you. Get better soon...
DougE says:
I've been out of action for 3 weeks and counting due to this back injury. I'm sure my game s gone by now. Hope to get a better diagnosis next week. Orthopedic doc appt. Definitely tore something. Just hope it isn't so bad that surgery or 6 months of therapy is the answer. Very frustrating, but better now than May.
DougE says:
In a slump for the last month. Back had been very sore on my right side after changing a few things in my swing. Started to really impair my driver swing because finishing the swing was very painful. Something finally seemed to let go on my right side back during a swing last weekend. Had to stop playing immediately. Couldn't take another swing. Tore something. Resting it for awhile with hopes of returning in a week or two. Ice, heat, Advil, and patience. Hopefully the wait will fix my back....and my swing.

At least it is not midseason. If it ends this way, due to the back issues over the last month, meeting statistical game expectations for the year will not happen. Had expected at least a 1 point drop in handicap. And though I achieved it during the season, I will end the season short of my goal by a half point. Driver distance was up to goal during season, but lost a lot during pain period. Met my goal of playing at least 100 rounds.

Fingers crossed that I can make it out for a few more good rounds.
DougE says:
Midway through the season. Hernia/hip labrum tear is no better, but have been able to play at least twice a week, usually three times and even played four times in a week at various times so far. For the most part, I have been able to get by, but lately, it seems to be getting slightly more uncomfortable. It mostly affects my driver swing, though I often feel it during other swings as well. When it is really bothering me, completing a swing, through to the finish is difficult and I will lose drives right. Subconsciously, my body protects itself from the discomfort, resulting in pushes and slices.

Made a swing change recently and am beginning to see positive results. Have shortened backswing which has given me better consistency and actually a bit more distance with irons. More than anything, this has really helped with mid-long irons and hybrids.

Chipping and short pitching has been very good most of the season and continues to be get even better. At this point, up & downs are at over 40%.
DougE says:
Lots of questions about what this sports hernia/torn hip labrum problem will have on the upcoming season. Already affected Florida trip in Feb. Only 4 rounds, all in discomfort, as opposed to the 8 rounds planned.

Going into busy season at work, so can't take time to fix the problem with surgery. Hit range last Wednesday, played/walked 18 on Friday and 18 on Sunday. Lots of discomfort on Monday. Feel it today (Tues) as well. This does not bode well for my typical 4 rounds a week, plus practice sessions. Doubt it will be bearable. It's not going to get better without surgery. Advil barely helps at all.

The outlook for 120+ rounds this season is not bright due to the injury, though I am quite optimistic about the new swing changes I have incorporated since late last fall/over the winter. So far, they seem to have had a very positive affect. This, of course, frustrates me even more when I think of the injury limitations put on my game. I just want to play and practice a lot. I'm just not so sure I can.
DougE says:
Haven't posted here since last year around this time. Another season almost over. Still hoping to get another 10 rounds in if the weather/temps hold.

It was generally a good year. Will end up with 130-140 rounds when it's done. (130 today.) I definitely got more confident in my game. I now expect to hit a good shot almost every time I stand over the ball and am surprised if I don't. My driver play has been very good. Chipping excellent. 125 yards and in, excellent. Hybrids and woods, much better and more consistent and mid irons pretty good too. A few more putts dropping will have me shooting in the 70s a lot more.

Found many things that helped my swing and am beginning to feel good about it. Gained at least 10 extra yards off the tee this year with some of the adjustments I've made. Added a mini power move to my iron play which has also resulted in 5-10 extra yards off most irons and wedges. Accuracy much better and have finally developed draw for when I need it. Overall Report Card: B+
DougE says:
Well, the season's just about over, if not already done. Cold temps coming in tomorrow. Looks like winter is finally peeking its head out. In the meantime, I was able to get in a few more rounds after November trip to FL. Today was one of my best rounds of the year. It was cold and rainy, but I didn't care. Can't remember hitting the ball that well. Had a decent year, considering the surgery put me back a few months. Still got in 70 rounds as of today, with hopes that there might be another 1 or 2 still out there. Even with the recovery process taking longer than expected and fighting pain in both shoulders and both elbows, I still dropped a couple strokes off the handicap this year. Played very consistently for the most part. No real blow up rounds to speak of. Enjoyed playing in Florida in November, but didn't play my best. Unfamiliarity of the tracks certainly hurt my game by a few strokes while there. Still, other than a couple blow up holes, didn't play poorly. All in all, can't complain too much.
DCB63 says:
nice score, that course looks tough.
DCB63 says:
as soon as school lets out for summer, I'll make it over and try out your golf course. btw, I really like the i(z).
DougE says:
Things are pretty static with the shoulder recovery. Seems to be getting better, then goes backward a little. 3 steps forward, 2 3/4 back. Still not ready to play a nine hole round...but I keep thinking 'soon.'
DougE says:
Well, was starting to pitch and chip without much pain and even some full swings. However, today, I think I went backwards in the recovery. I fell down the freakin' stairs and yanked my shoulder trying to hold on to the banister. Worried I did damage. Felt something pull when arm went back too far. See therapist tomorrow. Not worried about the bruises on my elbow and back, just my shoulder. 4 1/2 months of physical therapy and recovery, almost ready to play golf, and now this. Hopefully, not as bad as I think.
DougE says:
Recovery continues. Starting to practice lots of short pitch shots with occasional full-swing shots as well. Swing has been pretty good, but shoulder is not able to take too many full swings before lots of discomfort and inflammation sets in. Tried a few full swings w/longer clubs, including a 3 wood yesterday, but could really tell the shoulder isn't ready yet, though surprisingly, I hit the ball solidly. Hopefully, in 2-3weeks, I'll be able to try 9.
DougE says:
Been a rough recovery. Still a long way to go. Physical therapy all winter. Lots of set backs. Healing going slower than expected. Just started some easy pitches last week w/o too much pain. Over did it yesterday though. Tried a full swing PW. Ouch. Hope I didn't damage anything. Icing it heavily since. Right shoulder still very bad. Worse since the left side surgery. Season ahead still questionable.
DougE says:
Five weeks since the surgery. Not feeling good about a return to the course by April. Still lots of pain from surgery. Started therapy last week. Long road ahead.
DougE says:
Well, it's been 2 1/2 weeks since I had the surgery on my left shoulder. Hard to imagine being able to ever swing a club, other than a putter, the way it feels right now. Therapy starts in a week or so. Sure hope my range of motion starts to improve more quickly then. Already losing that nice mental image of my perfect swing. I can tell it will all feel pretty foreign when I can finally get a club back in my hands. Right shoulder isn't feeling a lot better, as I had hoped, with this time off from swinging. Hopefully, that one can also be helped with therapy. For now, I can't wait to get out of this stupid sling.
DougE says:
Surgery scheduled for Nov. 30 on LEFT shoulder. Right one will have to wait. Surgeon is saying 5 months before I can play again. Guess that will give the right one some time off whether I like it or not. Maybe that will help a little next season. Will I remember how to swing? I'm dreading the recovery period. At least it's happening mostly during the off-season.
DougE says:
Been trying to play a little, in spite of doctor's advice not to play before the shoulder surgery at the end of Nov. Can't help it. I'm addicted. After a few days off from the game, the inflammation goes enough that I think I can swing through 9 holes. I pop 3 Advil before the round and go for it. Then pay a couple days later when I wake up and can not move it without excruciating pain.
DougE says:
Results of MRI indicate rotator cuff tear and severe impingement in left shoulder. Not good. Surgery for sure next month. In the meantime, not supposed to play golf. If I can play, I will likely try to, at least a few more times. I'm not ready to put the clubs away just yet. Maybe a few 9 hole rounds here and there. We'll see. Very disappointed, but not surprised. I knew something was terribly wrong.
DougE says:
Just finished up a week in South Carolina playing in the Dataw Island Member Guest and then a couple rounds at Barefoot in Myrtle Beach. Shoulders now in pretty bad shape. Handicap is going up, pain is getting worse. MRI a couple days ago. Results on Monday. Surgery seems likely, though can't have both done at the same time. In the meantime, still hoping to get in a few rounds when the inflammation isn't too bad.
DougE says:
Shoulders continue to be a major issue. After many days of play at the beginning of the month, both got so bad that I had to take what I thought would be a a short 2-3 day respite from play to give them a break. They continued to get worse, to the point that I couldn't move them at all in the morning. Went back to therapy and had another cortizone injection in left one on the 22nd. Took 12 days off before finally playing 18 once steroid kicked it. Played 9 the following day (yesterday). Hope for another 9 today, but right now, I feel the left one whining, so we'll see. This is obviously going to affect my game until I have the surgery. In the meantime, lots of ice, heat, physical therapy and painkillers are my only defense. Leaving in 2 days for Richard's (usdwrdr) Member Guest tourney on Dataw Island and then a few more days in Myrtle Beach. 6-7 days of golf total. This could be curtains for my shoulders.
DougE says:
Played a great round day before yesterday. But, yesterday, right shoulder really hurting and today, still not feeling much better. Iced it right after round and the 3 or 4Xs yesterday. Probably shouldn't try to play later. We'll see. Tee time tomorrow on the little executive 9-holer (Orchards) with a couple employees who are starting out. Hope they feel usable by then.
DougE says:
Have had a pretty good stretch of golf over the last month. Shoulders still problematic, but so far only seem to be affecting my drives. When sore, I tend to not finish my swing. As a result, those days I don't hit it as straight or as long as on my good days. Even the good days don't allow me to swing more than 80%, which might not be a bad thing. Handicap has dropped to 12.1 in the last month. Think it will be hard to maintain that unless I can start hitting more GIRs. If shoulders continue to stay usable, I might actually have a decent season.
DougE says:
Shoulders still not getting much better. Had cortizone shots in both. Left one now worse than right. Seeing a sports therapist who seems to actually have a clue. So, still hopeful. In the meantime, trying to play whenever pain is tolerable. I LOVE this game!
falcon50driver says:
Doug, I have a day trip to the Westchester airport in White Plains N.Y. Monday the 19th. Is that anywhere near where you are? Would you like to play , or can you recommend a decent course in the area. Thanks
DougE says:
Played one round in FL with my wife. Not too painful. (The shoulder, not the wife.) Then stopped in SC and played two days in a row with a buddy who lives there. First day painful, second, not as bad. Had MRI yesterday. Waiting for results. Hopeful, but nervous as well. Since back to work (yacht repair and restoration)and starting busy-season, in lots of pain by midday daily.
DougE says:
Been dealing with this shoulder injury and it is worse than expected. Therapy really hasn't helped in right shoulder. Left slightly improved. Had cortisone in right one two days ago. Dr. suspects torn rotator cuff. Left for FL trip Friday anyway. MRI scheduled for when I get back. Tried hitting some balls with full swings for the first time in about 6 wks yesterday (been chipping with no problems). Results weren't promising. Very tentative. Afraid to complete full finish. Feel shoulder straining. Want to play while here in FL, but afraid to do more damage. Gonna try another small bucket later. Ice it afterward and keep my fingers crossed.
DougE says:
Well, since there was a foot of snow on the ground as of 12/20 and it's snowing again right now, I guess my season is finally over. Just as well though, I start shoulder therapy on BOTH shoulders next week. Rotator cuff impingements. I'm sure it affected my game. Once through therapy and some muscle build up, I expect to be able to start playing again when the snow finally clears for good, hopefully late March. And barring any injuries, my goal is to get in 100 days on the course in 2010. Considering, I work 6 days a week, it's ambitious, but with a twi-light membership at my new home course (after 1 PM, 7 days a week), I think I can do it if I start work at 6 am most days. ANyone local want to join me?