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  Aaron Whomsley
West Chester, PA
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9/7Twisted Dune GC102
8/19HoneyBrook GC90
1/16City Club Marietta84
11/16HoneyBrook GC90
11/9Broad Run Glfer's Club90
10/26Wyncote GC88
10/6Wyncote GC93
9/26HoneyBrook GC98
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whomsley says:
For the round played on 6.10.09:

Ingleside Golf Club: Course was in good shape even after it rained last night. New glove really helped my grip today. I was keeping my eye on the ball and taking a more rhythmic swing and feel as if I did better than last week. Still need work on the driver.
whomsley says:
For the round played on 6.5.09:

Robert Trent Jones Golf Course @ Cornell University: Again, great course, but this time I had a horrible day of driving off the tee. That just set the stage for a very mediocre round. Didn't hit any fairways everything was going left it seems. Need to head to the driving range and figure out what is going on. Still had fun and that is all that matters.
whomsley says:
For the round played on 6.4.09:

Robert Trent Jones Golf Course @ Cornell University: Great course, very walkable, of which I did. Still need to work on the three putting, would have shot 4 strokes lower without the 3 putts.
whomsley says:
For the round played on 5.25.09:

Spring Hollow: Sunny, warm and a perfect day for golf. I was playing with Stacey and I never seem to play well when we go out together. Plus it was a holiday and the course was playing VERY slowly. It seems that I cannot get into a rhythm when it takes us 4.5 hours to play a round. I play much better in the 3 - 3.75 hours per round. Irons played well. My long game off the tee is something I need to work on, again. If I elimated the 6 - 3 putts and all of the bunker play I had my round would have been much better. Need to work on getting out of the green side bunkers. or should I say get over my fear of getting out of the sand. Playing Friday so we will see how I do.
whomsley says:
For the round played on 5.13.09:

Honeybrook: Sunny, 72 degrees, 10mph wind. Played great, if I do say so myself. Lowest score ever! I kept my head in the game and stayed calm. Concentrated on keeping my eye on the ball at impact and taking a 3/4 swing really improved my ball striking ability. Kept any 3 putts out of the round and that was key in keeping my score down. Overall I am very happy with how I played.
scalajeff says:
Hey Aaron --

I love my Adams Wedges. Set of three Gap/Sand/Lob - 52/56/60.
I'm sure your CG10's are great. Too many choices for bounce!

Would love to get together sometime, but heading to Europe next week for a tradeshow and customer visits. Back on the 13th. Taking my clubs! Whoo hoo!

If you're looking to improve your handicap, Broad Run is NOT the place to do it IMHO. Billy goat course. 5 hour rounds. Ugh. Maybe I should try weekday instead of weekend.

whomsley says:
For the round played on 4.26.09:

Bent Creek: Better day than the last time I was out. First time I played the course so that is tough but enjoyed it and definatly feel as if I can better my score the next time I play here.

Forearms and hands were tired from building a deck so I was over compensating. My hands were turning over way too soon in my swing toward the end of the round. This was a one time thing but I have to hit the range to correct the problem.

Kept falling back on my heals off the tee on longs drives. I need to keep my weight centered and forward through the swing and follow through.

Realized that I really need a gap wedge. Something in the 51-52 degree range. Pitching wedge is a 45* and the sand wedge is a 56*. I need somthing to close that 11* gap.
whomsley says:
For the round played on 4.23.09:

Broad Run: Very Wwndy and I had no concentration. Need to keep my head down and eye one the ball. Overall not happy with how I played. Too much on my mind...like the deck I was starting this weekend.
whomsley says:
For the round played on 4.9.09:

Broad Run: Better round than last. Tougher course than Honeybrook but really liked it. Will definatly play again. I need to slow down my back swing and keep a more fluid motion through the rest of the swing. I HAVE TO KEEP MY HEAD DOWN AND EYES ON THE BALL ALL THE WAY THROUGH IMPACT. Also need one, maybe two, practice swings before I hit the ball to get in the rhythm.
whomsley says:
For the round played on 3.31.09:

Honeybrook: First time out this year. My work on the rhythm of my swing and squaring the club face at address and impact. Slow down my back swing and have a more consistent pace for the rest of my swing.