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  Baton Rouge, LA
website: www.brancientathletes.com
quick link: www.oobgolf.com/groups/BRAAS

Baton Rouge Ancient Athletes Society

30 members
95.5 average score
17.7 average handicap

Rank User Course Score
1.nickalexBluffs Glf Resort88
2.rayleblancSanta Maria GC88
3.jdonchessCrooked Tree GC91
4.jdonchessArizona National GC93
5.jdonchessGC at Dove Mountain91
6.rayleblancBluffs Glf Resort95
7.jdonchessGallery GC92
8.jdonchessGallery GC94
9.jdonchessGC at Dove Mountain96
10.jdonchessGC at Dove Mountain100
* only 9-holes played

Date User Course Score
7/20jdonchessGC at Dove Mountain:106
7/18jdonchessCrooked Tree GC91
7/16WJamesWildSrBluffs Glf Resort105
7/16jdonchessGC at Dove Mountain:100
7/16rayleblancBluffs Glf Resort95
7/16nickalexBluffs Glf Resort88
7/15jdonchessGC at Dove Mountain:107
7/14jdonchessGallery GC: North Cr94
7/12jdonchessGC at Dove Mountain:98
7/9jdonchessGC at Dove Mountain:102
* only 9-holes played