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Cision Tour


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  Chicago, IL
quick link: www.oobgolf.com/groups/Cision+Tour

This is a group of corporate golfers that work at Cision.

10 members
93.9 average score
15.1 average handicap
Hoppek says:
Not that it should change my handicap, but I got my first eagle ever on the par-3 14th at Old Orchard yesterday. For those those that are a little rusty in math, that would make it a Hole-In-One!
gstam says:
Tour Rules
We are playing a 7 point game (per hole).
.25 per point.
- Prox 1 pt (closest to the pin in Regulation)
- Low net ball 2 pts
- Low net total 2 pts
- Sneak 1 pt (a gross par that was not GIR)
- Poley 1 pt (make your first put if longer than the flag stick)

If there is a tie for low ball or low total, then no points awarded.

We will decide team before the first tee
Teams will change within the foursome after 9.
Keep track of total points for the match and individually for the day
Low point total for the day is the Shankopotomous!
Tie breaker is high net score for the day

The season entry is 20 with the season winners to get 80,60,20 respectively.

Rank User Course Net
* only 9-holes played

Date User Course Score
* only 9-holes played