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DGA-Dads Golf Association


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  Philadelphia, PA
quick link: www.oobgolf.com/groups/DGA-Dads+Golf+Association

The BGA is an amateur golf association for the avid goodfella' golfers!

6 members
97.4 average score
20.4 average handicap
Chazel6063 says:
Mike should have a total of 5 points not 3
pdiamond29 says:
Well, it was another exciting day in New Jersey. The course started out slow and wet, and then the the blistering heat dried the course, making the greens faster.

Diamond picks up his second first-place finish, shooting a 92, his lowest score of the year. Poor tee shots got him little FIRs, but his approach shots and putts carried him throughout the day.

DGA points: 8

Hazelwood had a solid 2nd place finish, scoring his all-time-low of 102. What did it for him on Saturday? His aiming was more accurate, swing speed was slower, and had some crucial GIRs.
If you get rid of a few mishits, he'll see the 90s soon enough.

DGA points: 4

O'connell had an interesting day, as he ran hot and cold hole to hole. After not getting the beverages he requested, along with an injury on his hand, he chose to DQ himself.

DGA points: 3

Russo's 140 landed him in last, but his swing is coming back. He should probably go and finish his lessons with Mr. Atkinson so he can get a true score.

DGA points: 1
pdiamond29 says:
DGA scoring system:

For an outing to qualify as a DGA event, 3 DGA players must be present. Each player will be awarded points based on the number of DGA players in the event. The amount of players dictates the amount of points that can be earned.

If there is a foursome:
1st place - 4 pts
2nd place - 3 pts
3rd place - 2 pts
4th place - 1 pts

If there is a threesome:
1st place - 3 pts
2nd place - 2 pts
3rd place - 1 pts
pdiamond29 says:
DGA Open was a success! Beautiful weather, a great course, and a little bit of trash taking. Here are the following results:

1. Pat "the Gem" Diamond finished first with a 98. Started out with a strong front 9, getting a 45. However, a few shaky holes on the back 9 put him in the high 90s.

2. Mike "Rocket Man" O'Connell finished secession with a 101. He drove the ball pretty well, but his confidence did not pan-out too well in his front 9 short game. Solid finish nonetheless.

4. Christopher "Animal" Hazelwood finished fourth in a grind of a day. He battled the stress of a rocky start, and back and shoulder pain on the last few holes. This kid has potential. Just needs to slow down his swing and keep a level head.

We have yet to see Kris Russo's big day out.if he wants to keep his tour card, he'll have to get out soon.

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