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Pittsburgh On Tilt


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  Pittsburgh, PA
website: discoverecology@gmail.com
quick link: www.oobgolf.com/groups/Pittsburgh+On+Tilt

This Is Between Me and the Course
Keeping the game aligned is my goal
Play it straight, in other words
And it goes right in the hole

2 members
95.7 average score
18.9 average handicap
georged says:
I'm am looking for playing partners for golf at Cranberry Highlands and/or other area North courses. I know it's early for golf but I tried this last year and met two great playing partners- both of whom didn't really want to pay the non-resident Highlands fees- which are quite reasonable given the course and it's condition- rated the BEST public muni in all of PA. I'm a retired 60 year old golfer who can/likes to play fast (with cart) and am about an 18-20 handicap. My other interests are all sports, home entertainment, gardening/landscaping, investing, home improvement projects and family outings. I'd like to think we could form a group and have 10 or so area guys - that between us- could schedule a regular weekly foursomes and maybe an golf outing/trip or two- especially in winter months.
enviroman22 says:
Try mastering tempo.

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