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quick link: www.oobgolf.com/groups/TCC

This group is for The Cameron Collector members. Hope to see a lot of participation.

17 members
81.8 average score
6.3 average handicap
Agentwondabread says:
Whew. OCC chewed me up and spit me out. A triple and quad on the back 9 led to a 52. Not sure when was the last time I carded a nine hole score that high.
Agentwondabread says:
No doubles yesterday. Gotta take advantage of birdie opportunities. Had a good number of 1 putts.
Agentwondabread says:
Played a makeup tourney on the Augusta tour Saturday. Fun and challenging course. Came up 1 short, but struck the ball pretty well. Mental mistakes and poor course management led to the 2nd place finish. Most excited about having no worse than double bogey during the round as this is the first competitive round this has been absent from my card. Small victories. Tourney at Santee National this weekend back on the Charleston tour.
Agentwondabread says:
Well, I knew it couldn't last forever. The 70's, that is. Once upon a time, I only broke into the 70s once or twice a month. Shot my first ever back to rounds in the 70s last week and actually made it 4 in a row before stumbling a bit. A couple double bogeys cost me today, mainly from errant tee shots with the driver. My irons, wedges, chips, pitches are all crisp, and the putting is decent, but this driver is the cause for me not shooting in the low 70s on the regular. Mon, Tues, Wed, are gonna be practice days concentrating on the 1 wood.
Agentwondabread says:
Wild Dunes tourney was awful. Torrential downpour all day resulted in a 95. Penny Branch "major" coming up this weekend. Practice is definitely needed. I'm ready for spring to be sprung.
Agentwondabread says:
Came back with a win in my flight last weekend in a HH am tour event. Only get a % of the points but the experience was exactly what I needed. This weather is unbelievable..78 yesterday. Next tourney is Palmetto Dunes on the 19th. Great courses on the schedule.
Agentwondabread says:
Wind was brutal for the first egolf Am tour tournaments. Had a 6 stroke lead after yesterday's round but was unable to hold on for the win. Gonna continue to challenge myself by playing these tournaments..practice, practice, practice.
Agentwondabread says:
Okay, so I've been slack with posting my scores as of late. With the new year comes my resolution which is to track my game better. Last year my goal was to make a bigger turn and lengthen my back swing as it was maybe only quarter to half. I've accomplished that and continue to work on it. I'd love for my goal to be to drop my hdcp down to single digits but would rather be more specific. I'm thinking my alignment and footwork need work so that may be it but I'll definitely need to solidify something this week so I can track my progress.
sfahrney says:
Went out with E-Man, drewcatc and psd...very windy and very wet. Drivers were backing up off the fairway. But it was nevertheless a great round. Switched between a circa #3 and a SSL Newport on the nines, 1.7ppg with the Circa and 1.8 with the Newport. Looking forward to the Tri-State.
Rod Carrier says:
A little different day than Ewie had. It was 93* with gusts up to 20 here in Tucson this afternoon. Chunked around the front side with a 47 (3 doubles and one par) then came out firing on the back with a 40 (two birdies to start of with). Hit some big putts with the Asian Spec Circa 3.
ewie says:
Played in the cold and rain today. Sucked. I had some positive moments. A couple putts dropped from the fringe. Major weak spot is the wedge game. I'll blame it all on rust for now as I'm typically a feel player and just haven't got any feel right now in the young season.
Driving nice, not long. Lag putts leaving way too much meat on the bone. But the 10-12 footers were dropping consistently.
Gamed my Kombi S.
AJT says:
Played a Sunday Bag only 3W,3H,5,7,9,G,L & a Fastback. Interesting way to play. I think I may add the driver and drop the 3W.
AJT says:
Played with LJ and Juan from TCC at a new hidden gem of a course. They day started out good, but the wind played havoc on the back. Game is slowly coming around. I am driving the ball very well, working on the right wedge configuration.
Agentwondabread says:
Not really sure what is going on with my swing right now so I'm going to my club pro for my first lesson. I hope it helps b/c I'm about ready to put my clubs on ebay. Really frustrating to not be good at something you love to do.
RussellR says:
It's been bad here in Oklahoma City if it's not cold and windy then it's been hot and windy and when I say windy I mean blowing 30-40 mph all day so no telling when i'll get to play again. As far as vacations we have our annual family reunion at the end of next month to missouri for some trout fishing at roaring river state park where my wife and I will be taking or newborn for the first time it's pretty exciting to me because I have been going there since I was born 29 years ago. Russell
Agentwondabread says:
Well boys, it was a rough wknd for golf in Charlotte. With all the rain the few days before we arrived the fairways were a soupy mess, and it was cart path only everywhere we went. Would have been better off just walking, as it really takes me out of my game. Seems its that time of year also for courses to punch their greens and fairways which made putting impossible and was responsible for maybe 10 strokes a round in each that I played this wknd. All that said though, it was great to attend my first TCC event and meet a lot of great guys and forge some new friendships. Also the putters and headcovers were amazing. Makes me wanna take the tour plunge. Maybe we can get a little chatter in here..how was everyone's wknd, what are you guys working on, vacations planned? Hope you all have a great Masters week.
Agentwondabread says:
Thanks to everyone for joining. Hoping to get a lot of participation from TCC members. Once the season gets full swing I'm thinking about doing some monthly match play events based on members' scorecards and indexes. Let's see some ideas and have some fun with this.

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