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Welcome Uber-Oobers.

9 members
98.2 average score
19.8 average handicap
sando539 says:
Yeah its hard with snow on the gound and freezing temps. Praying for and early spring.
mjaber says:
I'm hoping to play more this year than I did last year. It'll be a couple more months before I can even consider it, though. This whole "winter" thing, with snow and cold, makes it difficult.
Werepuppie says:
Does anyone but Bryan and me still play golf?
mjaber says:
2 rounds, same couse, very different results. Only 8 strokes difference in the 2 rounds, but Monday's round was frustrating. I'm finding that I really enjoy playing by myself, or with certain people. The group I was with was just not enjoyable. It wasn't the worst time I've ever had, but when 1/2 the 4some is just kind of goofing around, it makes for a long round. On the upside, I did figure out the issue I was having with the driver, and hit almost every fairway going out. My frustration started to boil over on the back, and that combined with the humidity getting to me caused the wheels to come off on the back off the tee. I still hit the driver OK, just not where I wanted it to go. The rest of my game suffered, too. I chunked chips, skulled shots out of the bunkers... you name it, it happened.
mjaber says:
Really enjoyed my last round. It's amazing what a new set of clubs can do for your confidence. I was right on my numbers all day... just had some trouble with over-reading breaks on the greens. Had a few good biride chances that I missed. Almost drove the green on the 7th again... ended up in a greenside bunker off the tee. Finally got over the cross-hazard on 5 without putting a ball in it. Overall, it was a good, confidence building round for me.
mjaber says:
Good and bad on yesterday's nine. I was in perfect birdie position on the first par 5, just short of the green in 2, after playing my 2nd shot from the next fairway. I stubbed my first chip, ran the 2nd chip way past the hole, and then 4-putted.

Made a really nice chip to about 3 feet on the 1st par3 to get up-and-down for par, and a nice approach on the next hole from the rough, over trees, to get in a good 2-putt position.
mjaber says:
Damn. I hate when life gets in the way of golf. Had to skip yesterday's round because the fence guy was coming to redo my estimate.
mjaber says:
Woohoo... after what seems like years of shopping, I finally got my new irons. Cobra S2's.

They go in the bag for my next round... tomorrow.
mjaber says:
Just put in a vacation request. Starting 6/6, I'm trying to take every Tuesday for ~10 weeks (2 weeks worth of Tuesdays). One of my favorite courses is discounting their Tuesday greens fees during that time, so I figure I can get 1-2 rounds per Tuesday.
mjaber says:
Still looking for time for that elusive secon round of the season here. Rain and life seem to keep getting in the way.
greendevil says:
Well, I made it out to play Sunday but only got 12 rain soaked holes in; too cold and wet to finish; it was miserable.
greendevil says:
So I'm finally getting out to play an 18 hole round on Sunday. I'm playing Whiteoak; shot a 98 last time; hoping to keep it under 95 this time around.

Don't think I'll use driver much; it hurt me too much last time around.
mjaber says:
That 84 was at a par3... so it was really more like a 102... still not bad, but I'd really like to get out on a full course soon.
Bryan K says:
Strukes has had two really phenomenal rounds already this year. Sunday, playing in the wind and rain at Rose Creek, he was sinking ALL of his putts for the first seven holes. Then he three putted the last two to finish +2. Yesterday, at Prairiewood, he had another stellar round that was slightly marred by a three putt on the last hole. On hole 5, he chipped in from about 30 yards off the green for birdie, and then on hole 6 he did what I think is the most amazing thing I've ever seen him do. He rolled a short approach shot way over the green into the evil deep rough and trees with a downhill chip shot coming back. He managed to hit that chip shot about 25 feet past the hole, and then sunk the bogey putt to go up-and-down from a position that would have cost me easily four strokes. It saved his round.
greendevil says:
Looks like strukes is the man to beat this year; he's posting some really good scores.

Check out his nice round of 38 on a par 36 on 5/8/11; had 2 birdies. Way to go strukes!
greendevil says:
Yeah, I did get out but it was far from pretty. Looks like your one time out mjaber was a good one.
mjaber says:
Hye blh... Looks like you got out.

I've only got 1 round in so far, at a local par 3. I'm hoping for a standard course (par 70/72) round on Sunday.
greendevil says:
How's everybody doing? I've finally logged on to the site after a long, long winter. I haven't yet touched a club but hope to get out soon. I see a few of you have made it out. So how's everyone playing so far this year? Leave off where 2010 ended? I hope everyone has a great 2011.
mjaber says:
Looks like round #1 or 2011 will be Saturday!!!!
mjaber says:
Finally got to the range to try and clear off some of the rust off after 6 months of not touching a club. Didn't look too bad. Felt a little off, a little out of rhythm, though. Maybe I'll get to the course this weekend.
Werepuppie says:
You and me both Bryan.GIR is the stat that determines if you are really improving at this game.
Bryan K says:
My biggest goal is to improve my GIR percentage. I'd like to see 50%, but that might be way out of my league. Maybe I should be content if I can get it to 25%. But I've come to realize that is my biggest flaw. I have no control over my irons, and it shows by the way it usually takes me several strokes to get out of trouble.
mjaber says:
Did a quick review of last year. Here's what I'd like achieve this year:

Handicap under 20
Scoring AVG under 95
GIR over 30%
Putting avg under 2
Fairway % over 35%
1 Eagle.

I'm sure I will find others. I need to pull out my stat spreasheet and see where I want to get to with my scrambling % (since I can't track it on OOB anymore).
mjaber says:
I'm not sure yet. I'll have to sit down and look at last year before I can make any goals.

One thing I'm looking forward to is my week of Tuesday's that I'm taking in the spring/summer, specifically to play 36 holes a day.
Bryan K says:
Bah...it's too early to be thinking of 2011 goals, though I would like to be consistently shooting in the 80's.
Werepuppie says:
Okay the new year has arrived.What are your goals for 2011?
Mine are to see my handicap dip below 20 even if just temporarily,make another Eagle,and limit triple bogeys to 2 per round.
mjaber says:
I've put the clubs away for the year. I was pretty much done after the 2nd week of September... right after my daughter was born. I took the 2 weeks after she was born, and managed to get 1 round in. Hopefully, next year I will be able to get 20-30 rounds in.
Bryan K says:
Yep...they are all closed now. Nowhere to go, and the thing that sucks is that the weather is still nice enough to golf (in my opinion). And I don't like the indoor range, either. Hitting off the mats to a 50 yard bubble-dome is just not my idea of a good time. Oh well. I have January's trip to Texas to look forward to.
greendevil says:
Yeah, it sucks that it's once again that time of year when the weather turns for the worse and the golf comes to a close. Man I wish we had indoor driving ranges around here. I guess I'll just have to frequent the local Golf Galaxy every couple weeks to hit in the simulator and stay loose.
Bryan K says:
sigh....the last of the courses where my membership is good closes next Sunday. Hopefully, the weather stays nice enough for Maple River to remain playable for at least a week or two after that.
Bryan K says:
Also thought I'd point out that I ordered a new set of (used) irons today. I'm going to try the Adams Idea Pro irons with the very slight cavity back. I want to work my way into playing a set of blades, and this set seems a happy medium. I know I said that I wasn't going to spend any more money on golf equipment this year, but I found an outstanding deal on them (and I am currently lacking a 9i that I can play).
greendevil says:
Golf sure is a crazy game. Doesn't make sense how we can have days where we play our best golf but not have a best score. But yet on those days when nothing seems to be clicking, the score is lower than ever. I don't get it.
Bryan K says:
Subtle difference between rounds this week.

I felt like I shot well on Sunday while recoring a 48 at Edgewood. I didn't feel like I played any better on Monday, but I shot an 81 at Rose Creek.

The difference?

Looking back on my Sunday round, I really had four bad shots. All four bad shots made par impossible, and two of those bad shots resulted in blowup holes trying to recover. That's between 4-6 strokes left on the course.

On Monday, I had several bad shots. But almost every one of them ended up in a spot where I thought "this isn't so bad" when I got up to the ball. Plus, my two best strokes on the round were recovering from bad strokes to save par or bogey (or in one case, double).

Werepuppie says:
Whoo whoo whoo! Eagle for me!
greendevil says:
Yeah I changed my name again; the other one bored me.
Bryan K says:
You changed your name AGAIN?

You know...the key is....if you aren't hitting your driver well, to have enough confidence in your other clubs where laying up isn't the end of the world.

greendevil says:
Driving IS everything; unless you can't putt to save your life (as in my case from Sunday).
Werepuppie says:
Driving is everything.:)
Bryan K says:
It's good to see it put into that perspective, Brian. I had no idea that my game was that much better than it was last year, but if you look at how much my driver alone has improved not to mention the fact that I've finally really learned to hit my irons and chip, it makes sense.
Bryan K says:
I think Werepuppie was right, though it is very hard to have fun when the weather sucks. The month and a half form mid August to the end of September was just a wet and windy six weeks.

After taking about a week off again due to the weather, a cold, and some traveling, I got back to having some fun the last three days. At last, dry and calm days have arrived. Today it's supposed to be 90, and it's friggin' October! But I can't golf today. Have to drive to the Twin Cities again, but I hvae a 7:00 AM tee time tomorrow at Crystal Lake in Lakeville.
greendevil says:
Comparing differential averages from 2009 and 2010.

Name _______2009_____ 2010
Strukes _____24_______ 18.1
redsfan15 ___21.7_____ 19.9
ipv6freely ___33.7_____ 24.3
Bryan K. ____40.7_____ 28.3
Werepuppie _30.5_____ 29
Typhoon ____41.2_____ 36.1
activesense __49.9_____ 47.8

We've all improved our golf games this year. Bryan improved the most; congratulations Bryan!

And congrats to strukes for being the best golfer of 2010!
14 seconds ago
greendevil says:
Good advice Werepuppie. I need reminded of that at times as well.
Werepuppie says:
You are becoming too concerned with how well you play and forgetting to have fun.Just go out and enjoy the game.
Bryan K says:
Well...I finally got to the point where I just coudln't deal with fighting the weather anymore. You'll notice that I haven't put any rounds in this week. Alas, I checked the forecast this morning, and it's supposed to be 70-75 and calm for the next seven days. Looks like it's time to get back out.
greendevil says:
Bryan, I can understand your frustration. Because there are two playing conditions which make me play terrible: wind & sogginess.

Since I slice the ball, I can't hit a decent shot with the wind affecting my ball so much. With a soggy course, I always seem to chunk about every shot.

Sounds like you need to play golf here in Ohio in the summer; dry, hot, and no wind. It's not really fun to play golf in this weather, but the courses are a lot easier to play (at least for me). The greens do suffer from this weather though and I've seen a lot of courses this year with less than ideal greens to putt on.

Hang in there. And try to enjoy the game for what little time we have left to play it this year.
Bryan K says:
This summer is starting to piss me off.

First it was the wind. It has been windy almost every day for the past two months. But now it has started to rain, too. Even on the nice days, the courses are so soggy that hitting from the fairway is like hitting from a bunker. And you don't get any roll on those picture perfect drives, either.

Sigh....I feel like my game is on pace to be taking it to the next level, and the weather is just not cooperating. Hopefully, I can at least get some practice time in before the charity scramble I'm playing in on Saturday.
Werepuppie says:
Thanks.You are improving quite a bit.By adding 20 yds to your irons you will break into the teens for sure now.
Bryan K says:
Yeah...it makes me sad to see the summer winding down. I've met most of my goals for the year. I feel like I'm playing better golf now than I have ever played even if my handicap is ballooning a bit. I'm really struggling from about 30 yards out to 120 yards out right now, and that hurts because it used to be the strongest part of my game. But, boy...I've been averaging 2-3 holes a round where it takes me 3+ strokes to get on the green from inside 100 lately.

Oh...and happy birthday Werepuppie:)
greendevil says:
Okay, so I've not had a very good year so far. I've only broken 90 one time; that was an 87. Last year I only broke 90 one time but it was an 82. My handicap hasn't improved much this year either.

I was badly hoping my game would improve this year but it really hasn't.

I'd like to break 90 at least one more time this year; and I'd like to get my driver straightened out.

With only a couple months left of good weather, I need to really step up my game if I'm going to meet my 2010 goals.
greendevil says:
It's good to see activesense finally get back out on the course. He hasn't been out since May.

He shot a 45; good score activesense.

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1.Werepuppie -103
* only 9-holes played

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