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Fountain Valley Classic

I, Cole Stanoch, am proud to present the 69th annual Fountain Valley Classic. The rules are you must be at least 3 years old and be AT LEAST 20 percent homosexual. and also will to be sucked off by yours truly. i will play on a team with my lova senior who is also my dad. i have drugs. and boner. you can call me if only i had phone of working. i will do scramble and we will count by penile sizes. idc if you do own one penis of size six. i will be fine. kill me. kill me. kill me. any who there will NOT be free food or fucks. you must mail in money for services. i love men. please sign up today 4 sexual espressions. thanks and mom
Start Date: Monday Sep 11th 2017
Length: 4 days
Time: 2:00am
Registration Deadline: 1/16/17
Format: Scramble
Team Size: 4
Restricted To: homosexuals. male plz
Cost (individual): $4,000.00
Benefits: sex
Contact: Mama Stanoch
Phone: we only accept mail
Requires a handicap